Chair's Message

As the elected Chapter Chair for 2017-2018 I look forward to continuing the success of our Willowdale-Thornhill PEO chapter. Our Board of Executives is a team of 18 engineers who are committed to promoting and enhancing society's perspective of engineering at every level. As a team, we will continue to build on relationships both in the public and private sector to strengthen our technical, educational and networking activities; positioning Willowdale-Thornhill as a leader among PEO chapters. Participation of chapter volunteers has been key to our current success and will continue to be instrumental to the future success of the chapter. This year we ask for increased involvement from our members to achieve greater accomplishments and success in our activities. I encourage every member to read chapter communications and learn more about opportunities to volunteer within our great organization. We are at the beginning of a monumental milestone for Willowdale-Thornhill PEO chapter and I am honoured for the challenge to lead this great team.

Nick Shelton, P.Eng, PMP
Chair, Willowdale-Thornhill PEO Chapter

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