Government Liasion Program (GLP)

Committee Focus: Facilitate strong and on-going relationships between chapter members and their members of parliament and local government.

Committee Email:

GLP Co-Chairs : John Penaranda, P.Eng ( , Polina Glick, EIT (



Committee Specifics :
  • Providing communications and policy support to express PEO positions to policy makers. The committee is actively monitoring and taking action on policy procedures that could affect PEO and the Professional Engineers Act.
  • PEO members and the public continue to recognize its regulatory mandate, in particular its contributions to maintaining the highest level of professionalism among engineers working in the public interest.
  • Goals of the committee:
  • Foster a better understanding of engineering work among MPPs
    Increase MPPs’ understanding of PEO’s regulatory role to serve and protect the public
    Offer unique knowledge and expertise to government before considering new policy direction related to engineering work
    Develop relationships among MPPs, local engineers and PEO chapters.
  • Should you have any other questions or requests, please contact the GLP Committee for further information.